I am a black/tan longhaired chihuahua and I was born on 2013-11-23, just in time for the Christmas presents.

My name is Plopper but they call me Plopp, Plupps, Pluppsan, Puppy, Valpen, Pepper, Teddy Ericsson, Totta, Bäbis, Spider-pig, Spider-plopp, Gris, Skrutt, Ludenstjärt and Mouchi.

My best dog is Rex, he’s a fox terrier, and Ripley(and a little bit more wink wink).

The best book i ever read is called ”Hundar”, it’s about all breed of dog, you should read it.

Best song ever is ”Chihuahua”, ”Everything is awsome”  and ”Happy” and I always dance to them.

I love to be in mammis bag, sleep on her lap and chew on my foot. When i am with dadi we play games on the computer, thats fun.

I love mammi and dadi, they are the best.


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